Amiel Energy Balancing
 Cellular Clearing & DNA Restructuring
Dear Ruth,
    My sessions with you have transformed me from the little caterpillar, who seemingly wanders aimlessly wondering why its here feeling helpless and yet deep down within knowing there is a reason for its existence, into a butterfly.
    Your past life regression therapy brought me consciously in touch with old programming unnecessary in this lifetime.  You got me to feel it, then release it and concluded with the incredible Amiel Energy which cleared the old progamming from my cellular memory.
    This allowed me (the little caterpillar) to break free from the caterpillar's cocoon and transform into the Butterfly, feeling once again, the Freedom and the Light that I AM.
    Thank you Ruth,
M. M.
An Awakening Lightworker
 Since I am retired, over the past six years I have not conducted healing sessions, but decided to leave contendts of my website as originally designed.
In the service of Light,
                       The Amiel Energy Balancing
Cellular Clearing  & DNA Restructuring Techniques  
                             were  gifted to me by
          Spiritual Guides from the Octaves of Light.

In 1986 I introduced this method as an adjunct to past life therapy, for the benefit of those seeking release from   crystallized emotional, cellular and structural memory  patterns.  These patterns may surface at unexpected times as emotional, mental, physical or spiritual problems of unexplainable origin. Usually, triggered frozen memories surface from the subconscious memory bank records, reproducing old, unresolved patterns of past trauma in the here and now.

The Amiel Energy Balancing is accomplished through radiatory soul vibrations. With my inner vision, I can observe the colors, shapes and movements of healing energies during the session.  The inherent Cosmic Intelligence in the healing rays work on multi inter dimensional  frequency levels, clearing, balancing and harmonizing the etheric, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual energy fields of our bodies, allowing the restructuring of DNA to its prior state of health, creating space for the circulation of essential vital life forces.

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